Here’s another very basic and easy one – How to forward an email address from your web hosting to another email account. If you didn’t see the previous video, I show you how to set up a professional email through your web hosting. Check it out here…

I use and recommend SiteGround for your website hosting. So, any tutorials to do with professional email accounts, hosting websites, domains, etc will be shown using SiteGround.

If you have set up a professional email address using your web hosting but still want to run all your emails through your Gmail account, this is for you.

In this very quick video, I show you how to open your emails from your professional or any other email address in your Gmail account or any other email account.

This way, you only have to log in to your Gmail account to check for all your emails. When someone sends you an email using your professional address, you’ll be able to open it in your Gmail account. Much easier than using your hosting email server every time you need to check your emails.

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