This is the first video in the Tech Tutorial series.

I started with a very basic and easy one – How to create a business email address with your web hosting. 

I use and recommend Siteground for your website hosting.
You can also set up a professional business email address if you have G-Suite with Google which is a paid service.


A professional business email address has your domain name at the end of it. You can use anything at the front, eg.

There are a number of reasons why you should have a professional email address:

1. It looks much more professional than having a Gmail address or similar. 
2. People tend to trust the address more if they see it is a legitimate business email address.
3. Some software eg. email marketing software won’t accept a Gmail or similar email address.

If you would like to learn any other online tech or software, please leave a comment and I will put it on my list.

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